Monday, 31 March 2014

Thank You All my Trainers...

As I have start getting ready for my next show I began to reflect on all the wonderful trainers I have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years.
My first trainer was Ian Walling, I was a newbie then but with his love of core exercises I still to this day strongly dislike the plank. I can still hear him saying, “When you shake it is your muscle and fat fighting” since then I have had this image of a battle going on in my fat zones when doing this exercise.
For my first show my girlfriend/trainer Monica Cerbu actually moved I with me on weekends to keep me on track. Who knew that every condiment I owned at the time was high in sugar and sodium…Welcome to plain food land population “Aeryon”.
Then there was Jeanette Magnoli who taught me form is everything and it was not the actually amount of weight you lifted but the motion I must say she gave some killer workouts and I think Mekaella was can lift more than what I was working with then.
Next there was Raejha Douziech who was my first online training coach and even though she could not see me except bad fuzzy pics I emailed her (no selfies back then) she still dialed me in for 2 shows.
After a 10 year break I worked with the Toma’s, both Darren and Lara are a great team and put up with my panic about broccoli binging...amongst many other things..
Being a trainer for competitions is not easy; I never really understood the amount of patience and joy one gets from helping someone get up on stage.  This past fall I had the privilege of helping 2 girls reach their stage goals. I was so nervous and excited for them to be up there after all the hard work. I really grew a new found appreciation for all the trainer's who work in competition prep, it is hard work to bring someone to show condition. When I meet people who just "Train themselves" I don't know how they do it. I rely so much on my trainers expertise eye, words of wisdom, assuring voice and ability to know what is needed next.  
 So to all my trainers who have listened to me, encouraged me, and worked with me in the past I want to say Thank you….
To my new trainer for 2014 Darren Mehling I am so excited to see what all the hard work you put me through in this off season has done and what package I can bring to my upcoming shows. This training has been different that what I have ever experienced, I had to relax and trust the extra food, less cardio and less weights. Now as I dive full force into competition prep I'm excited to see the results. Each year is about growing and becoming better than the year before and this year will be an amazing year!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Do Nothing.....Yeah...As If!!!!

Somedays it is hard to balance everything, with a job as an Account Manager I work with 145+ stores and tend to work 7 days a week, I have an amazing 5 year old that is getting bigger and bigger by the second (where is my baby!!),  I have a wonderful boyfriend (with incredible patience), a house that needs constant cleaning (ok my OCD is speaking there), plus I am trying to train and diet for BC's, lets not forget the 4 books beside my night stand that I have been meaning to my tank top business, hosting Phat Camp in Vancouver, oh and just for fun...I started selling this really cool Charm and Locket Jewellery line...

I know I am not the only woman with a more than crazy schedule, I see you on Facebook, I read your blogs, and I have the pleasure of knowing some of you personally.....

So to be clear I'm not complaining...I guess I'm just trying to understand why??
Why can't I just I don't know......Do nothing??
In my daydreams I dream of doing nothing....but truth be told I don't think I can, I can't even do nothing on a holiday, if I get sick (which rarely happens as I do not have time to get sick) I figure out some way to do something...
My mom said when I was a kid I was always on the go....hum...Shocking...

So I guess this is just who I am...kinda like being blonde (ok...ok brunette?) or 5"8 (a smidge shorter but I always wear heels so who really is counting)...
Instead of feeling that I need to slow down...or guilty that I'm doing too much...I'm just going go for it...embrace every crazy second....enjoy the ride

So to all the Hard Working, Busy, Can't Stop, Goal Orientated, Crazy, Passionate....Women out there...
 I say Thank You for Motivating and Inspiring me to work towards every big and little dream I have!!!

Now I have to go....I have chicken in the oven, a book to read to my 5 year old, lunches to make for tomorrow, walk the dog, prepare for work, cuddle with my boyfriend and maybe just maybe pick up one of those books....LOL

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Let the Season Begin

   As of today Feb 21st I am 21 weeks out from the BC's which will be my first show of this year. I have taken some time off this year to give my body a much needed break. Last year I did 5 shows in a row and at the end my body was pretty pissed as me. Now when I take time off don't mistake that with falling off the fitness wagon. I do train pretty much everyday and I do follow program, I look at the judges feedback and try to bring a better package my next show based on their critiques. Last year at Nationals I was told I was borderline to muscular so based on that I need to bring in a bit softer package this year. I tend to gain muscle fairly easy so this off season's training was quite different for me. Lots of Plyometrics and weights with little cardio which I loved.
I love this lifestyle and I love training it is something I have done since I was 16 and will continue doing until I'm not able to move anymore...I always joke with one of my best friends we will be the two little old ladies in the old folks home doing quarter turn to the rights....
I am excited for this season, I am starting now by having a cheat night every 2 weeks, slowly easing my way down. I bought my favourite Butter Spray a competition must for me and I have been trying to keep my reward meals "Professional" as my coach would say:)

                                                    All Stocked and Ready to Go!!!

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Out with the Old!!!!

So it has been awhile since I last posted...there has been alot that has happened. Went to Winnipeg to shoot an SD video which was a blast, took my 5 year old to Disneyland which I must say was so magical (best quote "Mommy Ariel remembers she came to my birthday party"), had a fun filled family Christmas, went to Mexico for New Years and cleaned out my entire house.
My "resolution" for 2014 is to be hyper organized, so I spent the week off at Christmas going through every cupboard, closet, and drawer in my house. I threw out 15+ bags of garbage, and donated over 10 bags of clothes and toys to charity. It is amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time and how we become attached to the silliest things. So like ripping off a band-aide I went through everything fast,  if I had not worn it, or used it in the past 6 months I let it go (with exception to some sentimental things). It was a wonderful feeling to purge, I swear I lost 10lbs and I have now decided to do this every 6
It was astounding to see how much "STUFF" I had.... that I thought I in point:
This year I bought a new pair of black quilted riding boots I spent a fair penny as I truly believe in you get what you paid in my purge I found almost the exact pair minus the quilting in my closet I bought last year but had forgot SERIOUSLY!!!!!
So with that in mind I am applying my organization to all aspects of my life...even blogging which I will now start doing once a week...(even wrote it in my new daytimer)

                                                 "Waiting for the Luggage to come out"

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Monday, 25 November 2013

My turn as a Coach...Stage Mom...

A couple weekends ago I was on the opposite end of the stage, I was a coach and support to 2 wonderful ladies who worked really hard towards their goal of competing and stepping on stage. It was a wonderful experience and more nerve racking watching them then when I am on stage.  I had been working with both of them for months towards this goal and in the final days I tanned them (by hand), went over every last detail and nervously waited for their big moment. Seeing all their hard work and dedication come to fruition was amazing and to live through them was an incredible experience!! I am so proud of both of them and thankful they trusted in me!! Great job girls!!!

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Stacking your Supplements

People often ask me what "Stacking" is when I talk about how I take the different SD products. Stacking Supplements can be done by adding extra of various products to the ones you are taking or adding one specific component of the formula you are currently taking. For example Ripped Freak fat burner contains Raspberry Ketones, by adding Sd Pharmaceuticals Raspberry Ketones that will increase the fat burning effect.

How I stack my products is I take several (3-4 depending) different single ingredients at the same time thus creating my own Fat Burner, I tend to be sensitive to Fat Burners and do not like the jitters so I am taking Dendrobium (focus and clarity), Green Coffee Bean (Stabilizes Blood Sugar), Green Tea (mild caffeine/antioxidant) and Raspberry Ketone (Fat Burner). I feel fantastic on this combination, don't feel out of sorts and I have control over what I am taking instead of taking a Proprietary blend which I never know the dosages of what I am taking.

I now stack my hormonal support as well so that stack consists of Anti-A (estrogen blocker) and DIM (converts bad estrogen to good estrogen). I also rotate my products every 3 months so my body does not become too accustomed to what I am taking.

I really like the fact I have control over what I am taking,  I know how my body reacts and I do not feel "weird" or "off".

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Monday, 23 September 2013

After Show Sodium Scare

So this year after my show I had a very scary reaction to sodium. I had reduced my sodium intake roughly 2 weeks prior to Nationals, I also did a diuretic the week of the show and dropped my water 1-2 days prior. After the show I flew to Toronto for my National Sales Comference, I did enduldge in some great wine, cheese, and dark chocolate, nothing that I had not done years previous after a show. By Thursday afternoon I noticed my shoes were getting really tight, at the end of the night I could not do my shoes up. Friday morning they were progressively worse and when I flew home Friday evening my whole body was bloated and uncomfortable. I started panicking, I could not wear my shoes and when I walked off the plane it felt like I was walking on pins and needles, so I decided to goto the hospital.  
After 3-4 hrs, blood tests, urine tests, the doctors could not find anything wrong, they stared in disbelief at the size of my feet and they had not seen anything like that before. So they told me to elevate my feet, go home and if I became short of breath to come back immediately as it would then be a possible heart issue. 
So I headed home and was in tears as I looked at my body in the mirror, the person who had been on the National Stage a week prior was replaced by a puffy mess, I did not even recognize my body and I was easily 10-15lbs heavier.  Mentally I was trying not to freak out (which was happening), luckily Scott came home on Sat and was able to reassure me that it was just sodium and water retention. He bought me Epson salt's which I bathed in for 4 nights in a row. By the following Friday my body had for the most part returned to normal, however it really taught me that taking sodium out too soon causes an adverse effect on me, so the trifecta of no sodium, diuretics and water dropping had pissed my body off. 
With each show it gives you a chance to grow and learn, and share with others your experience hopefully helping them with their decisions and choices. 

                           Friday Night at Hospital

Following Friday 

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